Raise Kids People Are Begging to Babysit. 
Eliminate Power Struggles.
Improve Behavior.
​​​​​​​Connect with Your Kids. 
Do you ever struggle with your child's behavior?
Do you ever feel overwhelmed?
Do you ever lose your patience and yell?
Do you ever wonder if you're parenting right?
Have a specific need that requires a personalized approach? Schedule a free 20 min call with Andrea to learn more about private coaching.
Save Your Sanity Parenting works for a variety of common behavior struggles. 

Back Talk
Power Struggles
Meal times
Not Listening
Sibling Rivalry
If you have kids, you need Save Your Sanity Parenting.

Free Top 10 Sanity Saving Behavior Tips for Parents.
Download my free guide of the best strategies to use to get your kids to listen.
Learn strategies that really work.
There's a formula to managing behavior.  Learn the formula, and you will be able to manage anything.
"This program is gold!"
~ Rachel R. Mother of 2 year old. 
Save Your Sanity Parenting is simple but so very powerful.
Stop Feeling Overwhelmed
Stress happens when you don't have a solution to a problem. Save Your Sanity Parenting will give you the answers you've been looking for to help you with your child's behavior. 
Become a More Patient Parent
Learn the skills needed to remain calm and supportive...even when your kids are misbehaving. 
Stop Doubting Yourself
They say there's no instruction manual when it comes to raising kids, but Save Your Sanity Parenting comes in close. Get step by step guidance, so you know what you're doing is right. 
Proven techniques with decades of research to back it up
The strategies in Save Your Sanity Parenting are based on tried and true methods to changing behavior. 
Over 20 years of  experience.
"20 years ago, I learned some simple yet extremely powerful strategies to manage behavior, and I saw how empowered parents felt once they learned these strategies. Since that time, I've practiced and refined these strategies, and this resulted in an approach that guarantees positive changes. I realized I had to share these strategies on a much bigger scale, and in order to reach more families, I created this online program, Save Your Sanity Parenting."
Andrea Galbreath
Family Wellness Consultant
Your enrollment in Save Your Sanity Parenting includes:
 Informative Videos
The videos were created with busy parents in mind. These easy to understand videos are short, concise, and can be completed on your schedule.
Downloadable worksheets go hand in hand with the videos. Use the worksheets throughout the day to strengthen your new skills.
Amazing Community
Get access to the private Save Your Sanity Parenting Facebook group.  
The only mistake you can make is not asking for help. 
Parenting can be tough. Save Your Sanity Parenting makes it easier. 
Sign up receive this amazing bonus!
Access to Stop Eating Crap! and a library of exercise videos.
​​​​​​​($19 value) 
Get parenting hacks AND diet/fitness advice in one program!
You'll get membership to my wellness program designed to help you become the champion of your own health and wellness! Download the workbook, do the exercises, get happy and healthy!
Answers before you ask
How does this online program work?
After you enroll in the program, you will receive an email with your log in information and a link to join the Facebook community. You'll get immediate access to Week 1 of the program. Each subsequent week is released every 7 days and designed to piggyback off the week before. Once you've been through all 4 weeks, you will have access to all videos at any time. 
What if I have a question about something?
You can post your question in our Facebook group or you can email Andrea at andrea@teamgalbreath.com.
What if I don't see the Welcome email?
Check your junk or spam folder. If you still don't see it, please email andrea@teamgalbreath.com.
I'm not a parent, but I do take care of kids. Would this program work for me?
Absolutely! The strategies work for anyone caring for children 2-12 years old. 
Can I get private coaching with Andrea?
Yes! If you feel you need a more tailored approach to managing your child's behavior, Andrea is available for individual parent coaching sessions or long term coaching. You can email Andrea or sign up for a free 20 min informational call HERE. 
How long will I have access to the program?
Save Your Sanity Parenting
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